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2012 Women's Basketball Awards

Women's Scholar Athlete Award Winners:

 1.  Kaylee Miller                     Barclay College

2.  Courtney Jacobsin              AFLBS

3.  Michelle Alverson              AFLBS

4.  Krista Heylens                   AFLBS

5.  Kristin Haugen                   AFLBS

6.  Megan Zillner                     AFLBS

7.  Tiffany Rensberger            Calvary Bible College

8.  Margaret Terrell                 Calvary Bible College

9.  Brittanee Weide                 Calvary Bible College

10. Kay Krahn                         Calvary Bible College

11. Natalie Smith                    Emmaus Bible College

12. Laura Grubb                      Emmaus Bible College

13. Mazie Dowdy                     Central Christian College

14. Melanie Eidson                   Central Christian College

15. Caley Palmer                     Central Christian College

Women’s All-American Award Winners:

Honorable Mention:

 1.  Candace Tripke                  Rhema Bible College

2.  Raven Woods                    Central Christian College

3.  Monica Paris                      Hillsdale College

 Second Team:

 1.  Kerrie Rudd                       Grace Bible College

2.  Hannah Williams                Barclay College

3.  Taylor Terry                       Central Christian College

4.  Megan Zillmer                    AFLBS

5.  Heather Grimm                  Emmaus Bible College

 First Team:

 1.  Jessica Sikorski                  Grace Bible College

2.  Vanessa Zailo                     Rhema Bible College

3.  Ashley Weir                       Hillsdale College

4.  Kelsi Mueller                      Central Christian College

5.  Jamie Davis                        Rhema Bible College

6.  Bayli Gibson                      Ozark Christian College

7.  Kelsea Rey                         Hilldale College

8.  Kay Krahn                         Calvary Bible College

9.  Mazie Dowdy                    Central Christian College

10. Courtney Jacobsen            AFLBS


2012 Women's National Basketball Awards

Listed to the right are the 2012 Women's Basketball awards which include 15 Scholar Athlete Award recipients and First Team, Second Team, and Honorable Mention All-American award reciepients.