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2012 Men's Basketball Awards

Men's Scholar Athlete Award Winners:

 1.  Charles Cotton III             Champion Baptist College

2.  Matthias Capaci                 Champion Baptist College

3.  Jesse Byrd                          Champion Baptist College

4.  Wesley Bayer                     Champion Baptist College

5.  Aaron Fullan                      Emmaus Bible College

6.  Nate Smith                         Emmaus Bible College

7.  David Walker                     Multnomah University

8.  Austin Weece                     Ozark Christian College

9.  Israel Ramsey                     Central Christian College

10. Corey Berge                      AFLBS

11. Jared Nash                       AFLBS

12. Tim Papillon                      AFLBS

13. Paul Eikam                        AFLBS

14. Alex Benson                     AFLBS

15. Isaac Berge                       AFLBS

16. Joshua Yates                     St. Louis Christian College

17. Andrew Griffith               Toccoa Falls College

18. Andrew Brue                    Crossroads College

19. Josh Klassen                      Crossroads College

20. Patrick Porras                    Crossroads College

21. Dominique Wright            Crossroads College

Men's All-American Award Winners:

 Honorable Mention:

 1.  Brandon Howarth              Barclay College

2.  Hayden Hagerman             Central Christian College

3.  Ryan Hill                            Calvary Bible College

 Second Team:

 1.  Steven Tackett                   Ozark Christian College

2.  Gian Cook                          Multnomah University

3.  Louis Burden                     Hillsdale College

4.  Todd Bates                        Hillsdale College

5.  Patrick Porras                     Crossroads College

6.  Aaron Fullan                       Emmaus Bible College

7.  Josh Barrett                        Toccoa Falls College

8.  Dan Terrell                         Calvary Bible College

9.  Tavaris Jenkins                   Crossroads College

10. David Walke                       Multnomah University

 First Team:

 1.  Brandon Likins                 Champion Baptist College

2.  Antoine Warren                 Hillsdale College

3.  Jerome Cheadle                  Hillsdale College

4.  Corey Roth                       Trinity Baptist College

5.  Kyle Wicklund                   Ozark Christian College

6.  Charles Broadhead             Barclay College

7.  Austin Hodges                   Multnomah University

8.  Kris Holford                      Central Christian College

9.  Matthias Capaci                 Champion Baptist College

10. Rod Reed                          Arlington Baptist College

2012 Men's National Basketball Awards

Listed to the right are the 2012 Men's Basketball awards which include 21 Scholar Athlete Award recipients and First Team, Second Team, and Honorable Mention All-American award reciepients.